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Leica Monovid review (2009-10-23)

Just enough Weave (2009-09-09)

Olympus E-P1 hands-on impressions (2009-07-18)

Fuji GF670 first impressions (2009-05-29)

Anthony's Cookies grand opening (2009-04-25)

Garbage-collecting your Mac OS X Address Book (2009-03-27)

Nehalem Mac Pro first impressions (2009-03-18)

Parallelizing the command-line (2008-09-27)

Large sensor compact cameras finally on the horizon (2008-08-30)

r n m restaurant (2008-07-12)

A contrarian take on Delicious Library 2 (2008-06-01)

Christopher Elbow chocolates (2008-05-13)

The value of over-the-counter service (2008-04-24)

Backing up is hard to do (right) (2008-04-10)

Push recruiting (2008-03-20)

Macworld 2008 round-up (2008-01-15)

A San Francisco local's advice to Macworld attendees (2008-01-13)

She said Yes (2007-10-13)

iPhone first impressions (2007-07-09)

MacBook Pro 3G first impressions (2007-06-11)

Adobe "Creative" Suite 3, a mixed bag (2007-05-10)

Slava Rostropovich, 1927-2007 (2007-04-27)

Eery similarities (2007-04-07)

Acxiom acquires Kefta (2007-04-03)

Yet another AppleTV article (2007-03-24)

Glimpsed at Chicago O'Hare airport (2007-03-22)

Is Vista a piece of unalloyed garbage? (2007-03-18)

The operating cost of a home server (2007-03-01)

MacWorld SF 2007 round-up (2007-01-09)

M8, a missed opportunity (2006-11-23)

Inserting graphviz diagrams in a CVStrac wiki (2006-11-21)

Not-so-pop cultural references (2006-11-18)

iTunes 7, one step forward, one step back (2006-09-14)

Troubleshooting Windows remotely (2006-09-06)

Copper is the new Titanium (2006-09-03)

Transfer complete. Or is it? (2006-06-25)

Gates opening new Vistas (2006-06-16)

Spare the strap, spoil the camera (2006-06-02)

Put whiny computers to work (2006-05-25)

Taming the paper tiger (2006-05-01)

Trimming the fat from JPEGs (2006-04-22)

How to show respect for your readers (2006-04-09)

MacBook Pro first impressions (2006-04-04)

Another one bites the dust (2006-03-29)

A Python driver for the Symbol CS 1504 bar code scanner (2006-03-27)

Migrating from Cyrus to Dovecot (2006-03-08)

Temboz 0.8 released (2006-03-05)

Shun till done (2006-02-05)

The San Francisco chocolate lover's shortlist (2006-01-22)

Best cracker ever (2006-01-22)

Shoebox review (2006-01-12)

Batch-changing PDF files to open in Preview on Mac OS X 10.4 (2006-01-01)

Chuao Chocolatier Caracas bar (2005-12-25)

Wittgenstein's Poker (2005-12-23)

Opening up Aperture (2005-12-01)

Amazon wishlist optimizer (2005-11-21)

A book signing with Steven Erikson (2005-11-12)

Interesting factoids (2005-10-15)

Palm T|X first impressions (2005-10-14)

The real story behind the WSIS (2005-10-10)

The resistible ascension of the smartphone (2005-10-09)

Here, take my money. Please. Pretty please? (2005-09-25)

Temboz 0.7 released (2005-09-12)

Free association (2005-08-24)

Explosion in San Francisco (2005-08-19)

Switch complete (2005-07-21)

Resisting camera bloat (2005-07-10)

Nob Hill's culinary renaissance (2005-06-26)

Traveling with film (2005-05-14)

Michael Recchiuti Hazelnut Praline (2005-05-08)

Why Microsoft is struggling to remain relevant (2005-05-02)

Chocovic Ocumare (2005-03-22)

What to think of pocket digicams (2005-03-16)

Ripping your CD library and building a home network (2005-02-20)

Temboz 0.5 released (2005-02-06)

Oracle math (2005-01-18)

Temboz 0.4.4 released (2005-01-18)

MacWorld SF roundup (2005-01-13)

One reason why I am proud to be French (2004-12-28)

Temboz 0.4.2 released (2004-12-28)

The Algebraist (2004-12-21)

Temboz 0.4 released (2004-12-12)

Is this a sign RSS is finally going mainstream? (2004-12-06)

Pointless referrer spamming (2004-12-05)

Pay for the razor, pay for the blades (2004-11-16)

A reader-writer lock for Python (2004-11-04)

The Malazan Book of the Fallen (2004-10-26)

Switching to Camino (2004-10-13)

RSS/Atom and information overload (2004-10-09)

The only good DRM is dead DRM (2004-10-08)

You say "tomato" (2004-10-02)

Annals of idiotic California legislation (2004-10-01)

What's in my gadget bag? (2004-09-23)

Temboz 0.3 Alpha released (2004-08-26)

The Bay Area, a bread basket? (2004-08-23)

Trigonometry for photographers, or not (2004-08-05)

Loopy about loupes (2004-07-17)

IM developments (2004-07-14)

Effective anti-spam enforcement (2004-06-30)

Shutterbabe (2004-06-25)

Why IPv6 will not loosen IP address allocation (2004-06-17)

Threadframe module version 0.2 (2004-06-10)

What's missing in the Airport Express? (2004-06-07)

Etienne Guittard Soleil d'Or (2004-06-06)

Networked storage on the cheap (2004-05-27)

The classical music lover's iPod (2004-05-17)

Is the Nikon D70 NEF (RAW) format truly lossless? (2004-05-02)

Attack of the London taxis (2004-04-25)

9 Beet Stretch (2004-04-24)

Amedei Porcelana (2004-04-22)

Keyspan USB Server review (2004-04-20)

Are Americans becoming second-class consumers? (2004-04-17)

Information Lifecycle Management and the cost of forgetfulness (2004-04-05)

Misremembering the Alamo (2004-04-04)

Tracing telephone number prefixes (2004-04-03)

Data mining Outlook for fun and profit (2004-03-15)

Stationery pattern (2004-03-12)

Aspirin and history (2004-02-13)

The megapixel myth, a pixel too far? (2004-02-10)

Sessions must die (2004-01-27)

Richart Chocolates opens a San Francisco store (2004-01-21)

Homo trium literarum (2004-01-02)

Chocoholics rejoice! (2003-12-08)

Making Mac OS X sleep from the command line (2003-12-05)

Escape from TiVo (2003-12-01)

First steps in Medium Format (2003-11-02)

Panther's Linux pandering (2003-10-29)

Dissecting the ENUM hype (2003-10-23)

An annoying Sony installer bug (2003-10-17)

Bombay Bits (2003-10-05)

Debugging DCOracle2 applications (2003-10-03)

Inkjet printers revisited (2003-09-16)

Digital Photo Pro magazine (2003-09-06)

Archival photography (2003-08-07)

Ferry Building food court (2003-08-06)

Marie Trintignant, 1962-2003 (2003-07-30)

Costco San Francisco switches to Noritsu (2003-07-28)

Winged Migration (2003-07-14)

Too cheap to meter (2003-07-10)

Beating the inkjet racket (2003-07-07)

Using the Canon Magnifier S with the 10D (2003-07-06)

Migration (2003-07-02)

The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint (2003-06-10)

Kicking the tires on Firebird (2003-06-03)

The true cost of externalities (2003-05-27)

How to ship books cheaply (2003-05-21)

Geeks are not immune to racism (2003-05-20)

SMS spam (2003-05-20)

Cloudmark SpamNet goes commercial (2003-05-20)

Bluetooth blues redux (2003-05-13)

Holy War (2003-05-09)

A curious standard of democracy (2003-05-09)

Digital SLR cameras and the $1000 price theshold (2003-04-24)

125 years of the California street cable car line (2003-04-11)

Lysenko and the creationists (2003-04-10)

Always-on Internet connections need always-on PCs (2003-04-02)

PQI Intelligent stick review (2003-04-01)

Kirk PZ-80 Arca-Swiss style quick-release plate for Canon EOS 10D (2003-04-01)

Photos of last Friday's peace protests in San Francisco (2003-03-26)

Canon EOS 10D first impressions (2003-03-19)

Open Source and security audits (2003-03-18)

Good riddance to CRT monitors (2003-03-12)

Another guide for new IMatch users (2003-03-05)

Batteries over two millenia old! (2003-02-27)

Coble says internment of Japanese-Americans was appropriate (2003-02-15)

How the Rocky Mountains keep Western Europe temperate (2003-02-10)

Another great computer product orphaned (2003-02-05)

Columbia and the coming inquiries (2003-02-03)

Comments disabled (2003-01-29)

Kodak E100GX slide film compared to Fuji (2003-01-29)

Bluetooth Hotsync (2003-01-13)

Exodus from Leica? (2003-01-07)

A glimpse inside the weird world of the Raëlians (2002-12-27)

Mountain Light (2002-12-25)

Movie review: The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (2002-12-20)

The lure of classic cameras (2002-12-11)

Eid Mubarak (2002-12-06)

After the storm (2002-11-08)

Immersive panorama (2002-11-05)

Boldly shattering the limits of kafkaesque (2002-11-04)

Pac Bell White Pages follies (2002-10-25)

End of an era at Nikon (2002-10-23)

Obtaining tracebacks on other threads than the current thread (2002-10-11)

Displaying prints (2002-10-07)

Southern revisionism is indefensible (2002-10-01)

Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" upgrade woes (2002-09-26)

Bad local government kills (2002-09-19)

A sordid spectacle in Egypt (2002-09-16)

Donating old computers (2002-09-12)

Website down (2002-09-09)

Objects are aristotelician (2002-09-07)

Windows configuration management (2002-09-06)

Nikon D100 tests (2002-09-04)

How to make long flights more bearable (2002-09-04)

Site redesign (2002-08-28)

Chicken Hawks (2002-08-21)

Laurent Lafforgue awarded the Fields Medal (2002-08-21)

'blogs are not the end-it-all of journalism (2002-08-15)

Obituary: Edsger Dijkstra and Laurent Schwartz (2002-08-08)

Burton's footnotes to the Arabian Nights (2002-08-06)

Chocolate has a rich and ancient history (2002-07-26)

From These Ashes (2002-07-22)

Digital photography used to combat domestic violence (2002-07-10)

Digital imaging workflow (2002-06-30)

Born Free and Equal (2002-06-20)

Peer-to-peer collaborative spam filtering (2002-06-19)

The Thames and Hudson Manual of typography (2002-06-17)

Using Wake-on-LAN with Python (2002-05-20)

Rules of thumb collection (2002-05-13)

Fighting spam (2002-04-05)

Online usage now exceeds TV (2002-04-04)

Python used to defend human rights (2002-03-28)

Manual of Photography, Photographic and digital imaging, 9th edition (2002-03-26)

Radio and Python (2002-03-26)

Fuji Frontier digital prints are really high quality (2002-03-20)

I'm back on the web (2002-03-15)